Champagne products

Côteaux champenoisCoteaux Champenois

Very popular since the middle Ages, long before the mastery of bottle fermentation, these still wines, very little produced in Champagne region always surprise by their quality and originality.

The white wine is dry and perfectly finds its place on a fish or a platter of crustaceans… The red wine, light and perfumed grace fully follows, a roast a poultry and especially a good plate of cheese.

Ratafia de ChampagneRatafia

Resulting from a well thought combination of grape must of Champagne and alcohol, this aperitif, very soft and natural to taste very fresh is a real creation of conviviality.







Vieux Marc de Champagne & Fine de la MarneFine de la Marne et Vieux Marc

Product of distillation of wines from the Marne to the Fine, and marc exclusivity from grape varieties of Champagne for the Vieux Marc. These two typical alcohols, high in color, aged in oak barrels, are to be discovered absolutely.

As its name suggests, Vielle Fine is all in fines, Vieux Marc, match more full-bodied and perfumed will attract men most.