This website is completely different from the previous website. It is created in order to help our foreign or English customer. It's a result of a big reflection of our estate to make you understand the style and life of our Champagne house. During the visit you can discover the life and history of the make and the technical file of our different blendings. You can use the contact page for an estimation of price or any other information.

The village

Statue de Bacchus à Rilly la montageLocated about 10kms from Reims, Rilly la Montagne is a charming village, award-winning 4 flowers at regional and national competition of flowering and improvement of living environment where history and tradition closely mixed up.

Rilly la Montagne graded first on the scale of quality wines, extending on nearly nine hundred hectares of which more than tree hundred hectares for the cultivation of the wine, divided up to the level of the grape varieties, in the following manner:

  • 20% of Chardonnay (white grape) which give finess and subtlety to the Champagne,
  • 48% of Pinot Meunier (Black grape) which brings freshness and fruity to the Champagne.,
  • 32% of Pinot Noir (Black grape) which gives force and character to the wine.