Brut Vintage 2015

Vintage 2012 Fruit of a blend 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir de Rilly La Montagne 1ER CRU Our 2015 Vintage has waited a minimum of 6 years in our cellars before letting its flavors express themselves fully.

Gifts in decorative carton boxes

CoffretsTo offer gifts appreciated by your friends, there are 1, 2 or 3 Bottles or 1 Magnum decorative gift boxes. These boxes are sold empty or packed depending on your order and delivered to you over packed (with a special carton boxe for extra protection).

Personalized labels

Personalized labels with your photo and the text of your choice.
Personalized labels with a visual (chosen in our catalog) and the text of your choice.
Full personalized label with the theme (chosen in our catalog) and the text of your choice.

example of realization

Choose your visual

Choose your theme

Personalized bottles

On the occasion of an event, wedding, communion, baptism, birth, we suggest you personalize your bottles with a sleeve ... They are made from a color or black and white photo, an image, a drawing or a logo and texts provided by you, placed on the bottle of your choice. Available for a minimum of 48 bottles from € 10 inclusive of tax. Contact us for more informations. Visuals available on