The exploitation

GyropaletteEARL "Les Vicomtés" society takes its name from a place of the village which produces a wine of excellent quality. So far, we operate a dozen hectares of vines divided up into sixty plots in our rural district of Rilly L a Montagne (graded first Cru or quality vine) following grape varieties balanced by 1/3 for each of the tree grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

We commercialize under the two brands: Champagne Joseph FAGOT and Champagne Hubert FAGOT. The first allows us to decline 3 qualities of white Champagne and one quality of Champagne Rosé. The second offers younger wines but more typical with 4 qualities of white Champagne and one quality of Rosé.

Reasoned Agricultural Culture

CavesFor a few years now, we have tried reasoned agricultural practices to minimize at most treatments. On the ground, we install a natural weed mastered by plough interceps under the ranks and mowers between rows.

These evolutionary practices conserve you a quality of Champagne, identical to best but of cleaner production nearing more to natural, respecting the environment and wine maker staff.